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A man who needs no introduction and as Channing would say, important enough that Ryan risked his life to come visit in the altitude of Colorado…yes that’s right, we are sitting down with none other than Prime Time himself, our friend and icon- Deion Sanders.

In an emotional and layered conversation covering everything from his HBCU exit, to new job at Colorado, his grave health scare, the importance of family and progression…Deion doesn’t hold back as the guys chat through many tough topics and are able to soak up the wisdom and grasp the spirit of a man willing to share his trials, tribulations as well as celebrate the wins along the way too.

Following the recent social and cultural uproar from his comments on recruitment, leaving Jackson State University for Colorado- Coach Prime is not shying away from the backlash and speaking honestly as he opens up to Fred, Ryan and Channing about the past couple months of change. In a long awaited conversation dating back to a previous exchange where Channing told Deion he didn’t see him at a HBCU for a long time because of the lack of money and resources- Deion sets record straight that it was never about money, it was always about a calling to make a difference and create opportunities. Focused on what’s in front of him and adapting to the opportunities life creates and the importance of bringing those close to him along on the journey, especially with his children.

Ryan asks Prime how HBCUs will continue to grow without his footprint and blueprint, especially after bringing 5-star players like Travis Hunter with him in his exit and how will the programs maintain that level of attention without his contributions. Deion credits his time at JSU for making him the coach he is today and proud of the foundation he built for others to expand upon and explains why he felt it was his time to move on.

Deion becomes emotional when Fred asks about the importance of community and continues to discuss family through his recent health scare. In a moment of vulnerability, Deion opens up about having no control as he battled one of the toughest things he’s ever been through and one of the scariest too, having blood clots in his lower extremities which led to amputation of two toes. Relying on those close to him, it was extremely difficult to be away from his children as Prime emotionally shares one moment with his son Shedeur which really put into perspective the effects change was having on not just him, but everyone close to him.

Being one of the greatest athletes in our era and an icon on every level, Ryan talks to Deion on how doing the physical things that made him a legend are now the things he is unable to do and how that transition has been mentally. “I hope to run again one day…that’s my goal, to be able to run,” Deion says with watery eyes, it’s the little things sometimes we take for granted who made us who we are that we no longer can do- that’s when life becomes real.

With the odds stacked against him, Deion is known for being a winner everywhere he goes and with everything he does which makes this transition to a new level, a challenging one. Ryan reiterates the importance of strong leadership and putting good people in proper places to excel and grow with him, which Deion has mastered. Close to selling out the stadium in Colorado for the first time in years, Prime talks about what it takes to build a championship program and his goals for the upcoming years as not just a coach but a father too.

Deion’s next chapter as the head coach of Colorado is being documented for an upcoming series on Amazon Prime.

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