what the heck happened?! | LA FITNESS EXPO

Thank you to everyone I got the pleasure to meet! Thank you to my friends, Chris and Gilky for costarring and helping film! Twas a lot of fun. Much different than the last time I went. I enjoyed the snack samples. It was like trick-or-treating lol


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Contents of this video
00:00 – Intro & some words
00:42-Getting in
01:12-Acquiring energy
01:58- A whole lotta bull
02:29-Favorite things interview
04:12- The cutest fan
05:34- Vibing
05:54- Ultimate pickle jar opening
06:31- Miss USA
07:10- Trying a protein pop tart
08:01- Better than the Arnold?
08:35- Free samples galore
09:46- Chris does interview. Good Job, Chris!
10:41- The flavor of America
11:01- New slang?
11:12-That’s enough
11:26- Adios
11:41- The End

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